Purposeful Profit

Purposeful Profit

In a recent fall planning meeting we began a conversation about wealth and wellbeing and the signs and signals we all use as a benchmark for our success.

For example, under the heading “wellness” or wellbeing we instinctively know when we “feel good” and we use simple tools like diet and exercise to gauge our success. On a scientific scale, there are a whole host of formulas that confirm how we feel… body mass index or BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. We all seem to know the “normal range” for each of these methods to ensure that we are healthy and we naturally accommodate changes for success through diet and exercise.

Seems simple enough!

On the topic of wealth – it started a whole new conversation. Yes, there are numerous formulas we use when discussing our success in addition to the numbers in our bank account. As business owners, we look at Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Return on Investment – these too are formulas and we instinctively know when we are heading in the right direction. If you hear the statement “in the black” when discussing money it creates a positive image of success.

The question soon becomes: How much money is enough?

Throughout this meeting we continued the conversation when reviewing our marketing plan and the number of initiatives we will be launching for the fall season. The “special offers” will encourage participation in the
on-line program Mechanics of FLOW2 with the intention of increasing awareness about how you/we collectively gauge success.

This conversation ultimately lead to the comment “purposeful profit” when describing a new and emerging definition for success. We decided this statement simply means that we each make conscious choices to provide products and/or services that encourages an exchange while being fairly compensated for our efforts.

Or does it?

If we use the traditional method for success to simply include “money in the bank” then we will find that we have lost the “purpose” for the profit.

Money for money’s sake is nice to have, but, we find that when you combine your passion, purpose and vision to your work, then you create a whole new definition that broadens your perspective on profit. The new and emerging definition seems to include the word “purpose” and the reasons that we participate in completing an exchange of goods and services.

When you combine purpose and profit it contributes to our overall wellbeing because you cannot have one without the other. They are intimately connected to our own personal definitions.

We start this conversation through the Mechanics of FLOW2 – “Resources for You and Your Growing Business.”

As you would imagine, our discussion was not only a very lively but insightful and we soon realized that everyone’s wealth or “money in the bank” was not only different but aligned with their reasons for the “purpose” behind the “profit.”

I’d like to thank Sharon for starting the conversation because the take away was a new understanding of how we each connect the dots between what we do for a living and why we do it!

I’m sure if you begin to jot down a few notes and ask yourself the same questions you will find that you’ve created a very similar definition for purposeful profit and a whole new understanding of your success.

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories on mentorship
while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is the author of
Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and
A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. Visit https://trishtonaj.com/

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