An Acronym to Remember “O.O.P.S.”

A Signpost for Leadership Self-Care

A recent discussion with a friend, colleague and business partner Sharon Gilmour-Glover was about sharing thought leadership and acronyms that create strong visuals. With Sharon’s permission, I share her unique phrase and what it means to me:

O.O.P.S. = Owning Other Peoples Stuff

I think this is brilliant, on so many levels it creates a visual that provide us with an opportunity to take a moment and think about our own relationships.

How many times have you found yourself in O.O.P.S.?

Every business leader has at one time or another been in a situation where we are empathetic to our teams “stuff.” It is easy to jump in and provide alternatives or solutions to assist when someone is experiencing a challenge or excited about an opportunity.

This acronym is especially effective when we are trying to describe our challenges with the situation. There may be times when we begin to internalize the problem by trying to find a solution. I’m sure, in recent weeks, we have all found ourselves trying to navigate a number of challenges that are best described by O.O.P.S. These events present themselves from time to time during any business or personal situation and at any given time.

How many of us will find this acronym helpful as we begin to transition back to work?

O.O.P.S. is a great reminder that we need to be proactive with our own time, energy and expertise. Empathy is a wonderful leadership skill, one that often fosters the respect and guidance from our colleagues and teams. It creates healthy boundaries and a friendly reminder that we need to be especially careful to nurture decision making and solutions based thinking in times of stress and transition.

I am going to create a sticky note and put this on my computer as a friendly reminder… everyone has their own process for processing information and that each individual has their own stress meter that will guide them towards a solution. It is healthy to have a visual reminder when we find ourselves in
O.O.P.S. with friends and colleagues in the not too distant future. This is a great signpost for leadership self-care!

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