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Define Goals…Navigate Change…Achieve Results

We started this venture as three individuals in two businesses, naturally aligned to share information on the processes we’ve used to create wealth and wellbeing. The Mechanics of FLOW2 is an on-line program with resources for you and your growing business. Modules are available as self-study or coached, using many years of business consulting and practical coaching success.

There are three managing partners; Sharon Gilmour-Gover, Tim Glover and myself, Trish Tonaj. At our last team meeting we began to discuss the current pilot programs and the great feedback we’ve had so far with various target groups: entrepreneurs, leadership teams, membership organizations and associations. If you’ve ever taken the leap of faith to launch a new product or service then you may empathize with the time, dedication and courage it takes to bring your idea to market.

We have been concentrating our efforts on this project for the last year and it has been very heartwarming to see that we are on the right track. We too have defined our goals, we’ve been navigating changes to the program based on feedback and those in the test pilot have received great results so far!

At the end of our meeting, Sharon asked a very interesting question:
Who are you when your not working?

The Mechanics of FLOW2 is all about finding the balance between wealth and wellbeing and it is when we find ourselves at a tipping point that we need to ask ourselves the question:
Who are we, when we are not working?

It leads to a very interesting self assessment because it begins a dialogue on how we may bridge the gap between work and play.

The objective is to find our own unique balance that provides us with a life living in flow. Perhaps it is a question that we need to frequently ask as find an answer that contributes to our own unique definition: Who are we, really…when we are not working?

There are a number of variables that determine statistics, but if you consider that the average person spends over 90K hours at work in their lifetime or approx 13 years of our lives working; then we clearly need to be able to define who we are when we are NOT working!

I found myself a little tongue tied at the question because it is not something I have been thinking about as we’ve been working on the soft launch for The Mechanics of FLOW2. I did find it a little ironic that in the process of defining the program perhaps we’ve spent a little too much time concentrating our efforts on work!

It definitely had me thinking of the gap between work and play and even taking a closer look at my own personal definitions. Granted, it is not unusual to become wrapped up in the excitement of taking a business idea through the hoops to a launch that has everyone excited at the momentum for success.

What we need to keep as a constant reminder is the answer to the question: Who are we, when we are not working?

This question seems to provide a great reference point when we not only look at The Mechanics of FLOW2 but as we define our goals, navigate change and ultimately achieve results that lead us to finding a balance between wealth and wellbeing.

Who are you when your not working?

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories on mentorship while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is the author of Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. Visit https://trishtonaj.com/

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