The Power of a Run-On Sentence

We live in a culture that values education and we all learn the basic fundaments as tools for communication. In our modern day society, there are now many different ways to use our writing skills. What is interesting to note is how we have adopted a casual way of communicating using short forms, abbreviations and acronyms to convey a message that seems to have become universal. We give each other permission to break the rules we were taught in school.

As part of the creative writing process, there is a tool that I have found effective when I first begin to think or brainstorm an idea that supports breaking all the rules. The run-on sentence. It is a great way to organize our thoughts when getting ready to write a blog, speech or essay.

The method is really simple…just write the words that come to mind without thinking about the grammar, spelling or sentence structure. Give yourself permission to be creative.

When we were developing the marketing plan for The Mechanics of FLOW2 we used this technique to connect the dots between the various modules and the content. It was an effective tool when organizing the words we would use when describing the features, benefits and results for each part of the program.

Here is our run-on sentence:

“We all start with Foundation Building creating the values purpose and vision of our goals and objectives finding Productive People who will join us on the journey and support our Foundation creating a Culture of Engagement where we value and support each other for Smoother Operations that contribute to our overall success with Improved Profit and Revenue that will develop an individual’s definition for Wealth and Wellbeing creating a platform for Sustained Performance with a personal Scorecard that contributes to our success.”

When you read the paragraph it conveys a message and gives the reader a good idea as to how the program comes together using the titles of the modules to connect the dots between the concepts and deliverables for each module. It also provides the framework for future content. A great exercise when looking for a structure or outline for the creative writing process.

This may be a tool you find effective the next time you are asked to provide content for a sales presentation, marketing piece or blog.

Give yourself permission to break all the rules, at least when you’re organizing thoughts and ideas around your next creative project.

One thing is for certain, in today’s modern society we have many different ways to break the rules.

I look forward to reading about your next great idea!

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories on mentorship while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is the author of Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. Visit 

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