The Big “C”…Content

We are all looking for original content or at the very least something that is new and innovative. Whether you are a team leader, executive, entrepreneur, coach or consultant we are always looking for tools that we may use with our team to motivate and create a buzz.

“Content” in the word that at times it becomes that allusive “C” where we recognize that a workshop or seminar will assist with clarifying our goals and objectives but where do we find something unique?

The Mechanics of FLOW2 is proprietary information that has been developed with you in mind – creative, innovative and inclusive. The foundation is built on the results achieved in both business consulting and coaching for over 17 years.

It has been created with you in mind and provides a platform that may be used as self-study, coached or mastermind sessions with your team or other industry professionals. Facilitation of the “modules” may be conducted by an in-house expert or in connection with a coach or consultant that is familiar with the material.

The premise for the program?

Here is our brainstorm found in a run-on sentence that we’d like to share with you on our interpretation of FLOW2:

“We all start with Foundation Building creating the values, purpose and
vision of our goals and objectives, finding Productive People who will join us on this journey and support our Foundation, creating a Culture of
Engagement where we value and support each other for Smoother
Operations that contribute to our overall success with Improved Profit and Revenue that will support everyone’s Wealth and Wellbeing creating a
platform for Sustained Performance with a personal Scorecard that contributes to our success.”

The 10 modules found in the program concentrate on one aspect or theme and through each video and course material creates a platform that you may use when looking for “content.”
Easy to understand language that encourages participation or reflection on a skill that you feel will contribute to your wealth and wellbeing. If there is one thing that we recognize in our current business environment is that there needs to be a balance between both concepts if we’d like to have sustainable results.

This program is adaptable to any industry, product or service. We are all looking for the basic fundamentals and what contributes to our own unique definition is the balance between wealth and wellbeing.

The focus is on people and the relationships we establish with our teams and/or strategic partners. The “content” found in FLOW2 will assist with the developing a definition that is unique to your product or service while creating a buzz.

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories on mentorship while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is the author of Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. Visit

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