We often hear the saying “it’s win-win” which would lead one to believe that it is a two way street with each person/company feeling like they have accomplished something together.

Here’s a thought…

What happens when we collaborate and introduce a concept, theory or “win” to our entire network?

Take social media for example. We often share events, accomplishments and stories to read, like and share. How amazing that we then invite or include everyone to participate in our win! Don’t you think the theory then becomes win-win-win?

Through the Mechanics of FLOW2 program we have developed ten modules that introduce or reintroduce you to resources for you and your growing business.

Each module is approximately 20 minutes with a number of practical exercises that encourage you to think outside the box and organize your thoughts so that you may share them with your team or strategic partners.

It is available not only as self-study but coached and taking it one step further, we have introduced the program to leadership teams who have used the format to start a new conversation and improve their results. We have companies who are offering modules to their customers as part of a value add to their own brand strategy. I see a win-win-win in the making.

The success of an on-line program includes the collaborative efforts of many strategic partners who contribute to each and every win along the way. Program managers, web developers, marketing support, content writers and a whole host of individuals who contribute to the visual presence. They each take a leap of faith to share information with the intention of contributing their expertise to the resources that may be used to navigate change and contribute to results.

We are making every effort to ensure that our project is win-win-win by creating a platform the encourages participation and sharing information that may be used in all aspects of your business.

We truly hope that that you will find every module contributes to creating your own definition of success.

The concept will then truly go full circle: A win for you, for your customers and for the team at Mechanic of FLOW2.

We truly believe in the theory of win-win-win!

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories to inspire great ideas
while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is Managing Partner in The Mechanics of FLOW2, online resources for You and Your growing business. She is the author of two books and complimentary e-magazine, W2. Visit

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