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Autumn always feels like the launch of a new year to me. There is a new level of excitement as people move out of the slower pace of summer into a phase of renewed energy.

This year is particularly exciting because we are launching the new and improved Mechanics of FLOW2 resource site.

Every achievement begins with an idea and a vision of what could be. The idea for creating an online coaches portal began with the desire to find a way to make the consulting materials and methods that were helping our face-to-face clients so much, available and accessible to any business owner, anywhere.

The idea started to take shape when Trish Tonaj and I started talking about the value of credible, effective content. As a Master Coach/Certified Coach Trainer, Trish is very aware of how critical powerful content is and the challenges faced by coaches.

No vision is ever realised without the help and support of many people. The Mechanics of FLOW2 has evolved and is so much better because of the input of friends, colleagues and committed suppliers who shared their time and expertise to explore the site and give us excellent feedback.

Many thanks to the beta testers who made sure everything functioned and made sense. Thank you to our friends in the Philippines, Ricky Sare and Mariano Cacho for looking through the resources with an international lens. Thank you to Rod MacDonald of the Certified Coaches Federation for his invaluable input.

A very special thank you to Lisa Bragg, Lauren Perruzza, Jason Colbert and the whole team at MediaFace for helping our vision take shape and enabling us to tell our story.

And thank you for dropping by and checking out the site! Download our complimentary FLOW2 magazine and check out modules to see how we can help you help your clients.

Author – Sharon Gilmour-Glover

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