Light Bulb Moments….

Light Bulb Moments…

As a coach and business consultant creating a platform for change and innovation go hand in hand. We ask questions that will lead to solutions that break barriers. Most often, when we “listen” to our customers and colleagues we find the answers to the questions that appear most difficult.

These conversations create a platform to think outside our comfort zone and when we brainstorm with someone we trust, it eliminates the barriers to our ongoing success.

Creativity leads to innovation and innovation creates opportunities!

As an entrepreneur, I have rebrand my company three times in the last 25 years and most often the idea for expansion came from listening to my customers and colleagues. These conversations lead to my own “light bulb moments” that uncovered new revenue streams and reinforced my core values.

The modules in The Mechanics of FLOW2 are navigation tools to create a roadmap for those innovative ideas. These 10 sessions are available as self study, coached or mastermind and will become the energy that fuels your passion. They provide you with a little wiggle room to develop a plan that will support your ongoing success with confidence and clarity. Sometimes seeing you vision in print helps to execute the plan.

These tools will make a difference in how you implement that great idea by creating a framework with action items and next steps. Working with a coach or consultant provides an extra layer of success as they take on the role of accountability partner. I’ve often heard a client comment on the benefit of brainstorming ideas that lead to solutions which were uncovered by simply having a conversation.

Who knew…by continuing the conversation and completing a 20 minute module that it would lead to a tool that allows us to navigate our continued journey of success?

I’m sure you’ll remember the last time you had a light bulb moment because it will commemorate a special time or place in your business. It may have been when you experienced a spike in revenue, built a strategic partnership, owned doors to a new product/service or perhaps it simply created an opportunity to take a break and recharge your batteries. Whenever the occasion, you will remember that place in time simply because it marked the start of a new beginning.

So, the next time you have a colleague or customer who is interested in starting a conversation, take the time to ask the questions that may lead to your next “light bulb” moment.

Trish Tonaj is an author, coach and speaker sharing stories on mentorship
while creating a culture of wealth and wellbeing. She is the author of
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