About Founders

Trish Tonaj

As a coach, author and speaker, Trish combines 25 years as an Entrepreneur with her life experience as both an Intrapreneur and Solopreneur to the concept of FLOW². Working with leaders and leadership teams in various industry sectors, Trish provides a practical approach to finding solutions for success in today’s fast-paced environment. Her experience with membership organizations creates a platform for engagement, profit and growth.

“In my years as a coach, working with individuals to define their roadmap for success creates an opportunity for each person to contribute not only to the success of their business but to their community. They create their own definition of FLOW² and unique formula for their Wealth and Wellbeing”

Tim Glover

An accountant, artist and musician: Tim brings 30 years experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur and a lifetime of experience as an artist and musician to his work on FLOW². Through his work as a senior executive, Tim learned to translate the fundamentals of business into bite-sized, practical chunks. His “left-brain” careers in advertising, music, art and shiatsu massage therapy taught Tim to apply innovation, adaptability and creativity in business to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

“The most satisfying part is watching my clients and their teams grow as individuals as they grow their business. Sustained success in business only ever happens when the people leading and working in the business tap into their own internal fire, aspiration, inspiration and resilience. That’s FLOW².”

Sharon Gilmour-Glover

As an educator, entrepreneur and musician, Sharon brings practical, easy-to-use tools that provide results to complex problems that seem impossible to solve, to the concept of FLOW². With 30 years of experience as an educator and entrepreneur, she brings a deep understanding of what motivates people to take action and sustain change to help clients achieve results.

“Whether in education, music or business, the successful people I’ve encountered all have this in common; everything they do, in their personal and professional lives, stems from their deep rooted beliefs and passion. They create their own path to success. They live FLOW².”